Promoting, supporting, and connecting early to mid-career Black artists working/practicing in the Bay Area with each other and wider audiences.

The SF/Bay Area is saturated with innovative Black artists, but it can be hard for us to find each other or have our work reach beyond our immediate community. This page is dedicated to building community, sharing resources/opportunities, and increasing visibility of early to mid-career Black artists. Below is sampling of artists for you to explore. Visit our Instagram or Facebook page for more! 

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Black Vent Space shapes EBBA from June 6 - June 12

EBBA is excited to welcome Black Vent Space! For the week of June 6th, two of the founding members of Black Vent Space (BVS) will give us a unique look behind the curtain of the growing virtual movement that has been a source of rest, strength, love, and community for Black-identifying folks who are looking for a place to be heard and validated.

Check out our feed, stories, and website all week as the thoughtful, stunning, intelligent, and proactive leaders of Black Vent Space bless us with a little insight into who they are, how BVS works, and what they’ve learned that we ALL could benefit from. There will be a mix of static resources as well as short activities and events to participate in.


"I'm rooting for everybody Black."

Issa Rae